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 SOQL Studio v2023.1 Major Release

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Posted 5/08/2023 4:00 AM

A major new release of SOQL Studio is now available. Version 2023.1 contains multiple major and minor enhancements, security updates and bug fixes:


  • Created a comprehensive sobject Properties Viewer that consolidates object and field properties into a full-fledged tab like the SOQL Editor
  • Added 40 new sobject and field properties including LastModifiedBy, LastModifiedDate, IsHistoryTracked, IsIndexed, Description
  • Improved property grouping
  • Added descriptions to properties that were missing one
  • Updated Print Preview and Printing to render in Light Theme regardless of UI setting
  • Updated SOQL document iconography
  • Upgraded to API v57 (Spring '23)


  • Upgraded OAuth to use web server flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE, pronounced "pixy") in place of the user-agent flow, per Salesforce recommendations
  • Increased encryption strength for stored passwords

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where, under certain circumstances, a Tooling query that includes a child relationship could fail with a null reference exception
  • Corrected additional issues with Tooling queries that include child queries
  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash when a certain sequence of events occurs
  • Fixed an issue that caused an export to Excel to fail and appear in the UI as if it did not start
  • Fixed an issue that caused two files to open when double-clicking on a file in the Recent Files menu

to learn more about the new functionality included in this latest version, read our detailed blog post about the release.

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