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 SOQL Studio 2021.2 Build 293 Maintenance Release

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Posted 10/14/2021 4:00 AM

A new maintenance release of SOQL Studio, version 2021.2.293, is now available. This release contains several minor enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Changed the way Orgs are loaded to "load on demand" as the default load method (pre v2021.2 behavior). Orgs will automatically load fully when a filtering operation is started
  • Added the option to fully load Orgs on first connect (v2021.2 build 292)
  • Upgraded to Winter '22 release of the Salesforce API (API v53)
  • Relabeled Two Factor Authentication (TFA) to Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to stay current with Salesforce terminology
  • Enabled dynamic api version fallback when connecting to an Org that has not been upgraded to the latest Salesforce release supported by SOQL Studio
  • Enhanced the Line Highlighting color selection dialog in Options to immediately update open SOQL Editors with the new choice

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that under certain circumstances caused the app to terminate unexpectedly when scrolling through a result set that contained a ComplexValue column
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Day_Only SOQL function from being highlighted
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