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 SOQL Studio 2018.2 Build 270 Maintenance Release

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Posted 11/13/2018 12:00 AM

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new SOQL Studio maintenance release, v2018.2.270. The release includes several enhancements, including customer requests, and some minor bug fixes.


  • Added query run-time statistics as Informational messages
  • Improved handling of “duplicate” SOQL Editor tabs
  • Added support for API version 44 (Winter ’19)
  • Enabled copying of selected rows in the Messages tool window
  • Improved handling of authentication failures throughout the application

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a work-around to an API quirk that caused SOQL errors returned from Salesforce to exclude row/col information
  • Fixed an issue that caused an Index out of range exception to be thrown when generating a browse query from the Organizations tool window
  • Corrected an issue introduced in the last maintenance release that could cause the application to crash when right-clicking in the results grid
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the application to crash when processing the results from a query that included a child rows from a recursive relationship
  • Fixed an issue that, under certain circumstances, caused the "View in Salesforce" and "Edit in Salesforce" context menu items to either not be shown when clicking on an ID field or shown when clicking on a non-Id field

To learn more about the new features read our blog post about the release.

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