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 AD SSO not working

Post by Ibad Rahman
Joined 6/14/2018
Posted 2/07/2020 10:45 AM

Hi, we are moving to Active Directory SSO. We already have is configured as the mandatory method of login for a full sandbox. I can no longer log into that sandbox using Visual Studio. I have tried using custom domain, however our custom domain is not of the form, which is the only one VSS allows. (ours is of the form I have tried proxy server think that maybe the SSO link could go in there....but our link uses HTTPS while VSS only accepts HTTP. 


When I try to log in normally using password+sec token I get this error message:

INVALID_SSO_GATEWAY_URL: the single sign on gateway url for the org is invalid.

Post by Administrator
Visual Software Systems
Joined 1/01/2016
Posted 2/07/2020 3:14 PM

Hi Ibad.  SOQL Studio currently does not support SSO, but we can start researching what it would take to support it. I’m curious, do you use Dataloader?  How do you logon with that app?

Post by Ibad Rahman
Joined 6/14/2018
Posted 2/13/2020 12:19 PM

Hi, in order to log into Dataloader using SSO the following steps are used:


1- Open dataloader and click Export (or any other option)

2- choose OAuth, choose the correct environment and click login

3- Click "Use Custom Domain" in the login dialogue box

4- Enter your custom domain (this may not fit the pattern "", DataLoader accepts this

5- Click Continue

6- You get a page with a link telling you to log in using your own SSO method/portal. You click the link for your method of login, e.g. "Gamma My apps Portal" and then it will log you in.


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