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Post by Richard Maddocks
Joined 8/20/2019
Posted 9/18/2020 8:41 AM


I have installed SOQL Studio from our company software repository but this version is a 30 day trial.
I have a full license and need to apply this license to my install but i cannot open SOQL Studio now as i get
"Your evaluation has expired. Please visit to purchase a license."

Is there anyway to apply this license with the software being unable to open?



Post by Administrator
Visual Software Systems
Joined 1/01/2016
Posted 9/18/2020 1:08 PM

Hi Richard,

Licensing setup is done during software installation.  When the install .exe is run, it prompts for the applicable licensing information.  If the install from your company repository is not showing the prompts, then you'll need to download the version you are licensed for from our site and run that.  Logon to you account, click on your name at the top and select Downloads & Licenses.  From that page, you'll find the link to the appropriate version that you are licensed for.

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