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 Connections aren't being saved between sessions

Post by Ed Park
Joined 2/28/2020
Posted 3/04/2020 8:20 PM

I am on the trial version of SOQL studio.   Everytime I close the app and restart, I lose all of the salesforce connections.  Is there a setting that will force the save or is this a OneDrive issue maybe?

Post by Administrator
Visual Software Systems
Joined 1/01/2016
Posted 3/04/2020 9:01 PM

Hi Ed,

Connections are automatically saved when the app shuts down.  They get saved to user.config file in Visual_Software_Systems,_\SOQLStudio* subfolder within your user AppData\Local folder.  If that folder is on OneDrive, then it could be a problem with that.  Generally, a user's AppData folder is located (hidden) on the system drive in the Users\{username} folder.  Are there any error messages in the Event log related to this?

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