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 SOQL Studio 2021.2 Major Release

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Posted 8/16/2021 4:00 AM

A major new release of SOQL Studio is now available for download. Version 2021.2 builds upon the work done in 2021.1 with significant new functionality centered around the Organizations tool window. As with all of our releases, this one continues our commitment to providing regular enhancements and fixes to SOQL Studio, many of which were customer suggestions, and staying current with Salesforce releases.


  • Added filtering capabilities to the Organizations tool window. When active, the filtering function hides items that don't contain the filtering term, leaving only the items that match and their parents. The filter matches on the API Name and Label attributes
  • Added the ability to drill down into relationship fields in the Organizations tool window and see the underlying object's fields. Commonly referred to as viewing child objects, the drill down functionality also provides for dragging child object fields into the SOQL Editor with the field's complete relationship path prepended
  • Updated the Organization load logic so that all Sobjects (except Tooling API objects) in an Organization are now loaded when the Org first connects to Salesforce. This enables filtering and drill-down, and speeds up other operations that may have had to perform Sobject loads on-demand
  • Added the ability to list standard fields before custom fields in the Organizations tool window. Disabled by default, enable this optional feature on the General tab of the Options dialog
  • Standard and Custom fields now use slightly different icons in the Organizations tool window, providing a quick visual queue that differentiates between the two types
  • Added 'CTRL+F5' as a keyboard shortcut for the 'Execute Selection' command
  • Enabled the use of '//' as a single line comment delimiter in addition to '--'
  • Added the ability to configure the Comment and Uncomment buttons to use '//' as the single line comment delimiter rather than the default '--'
  • Added the ability to copy the record count from the SOQL editor's status bar
  • Upgraded API support to Summer ‘21 (API v52)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue introduced in v2021.1 that in rare instances could cause the app to crash during startup
  • Fixed an issue where opening a file from the command line put an extra space after the file extension causing 'Save as' to not recognized the file has an extension

To learn more about the new functionality included in this latest version, read our blog post about the release.

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