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 SOQL Studio 2019.1 Major Release

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Posted 3/04/2019 12:00 AM

A major new release of SOQL Studio, version 2019.1, is now available. This release continues our commitment to providing regular enhancements and fixes to SOQL Studio, many of which were customer suggestions, and staying current with Salesforce releases. It also sets the stage for some more significant features to come in the future.


  • Added the ability to change the order that Organizations are displayed in the Organizations Tool Window and all selection lists
  • Continued building out the grouping of Sobjects within the Organizations tool window
  • Added the optional ability to display Sobject and Field labels in the Organizations tool window
  • Enhanced the Organizations tool window’s context menu to be more dynamic and only present menu choices that are appropriate for the selected Sobject
  • Implemented the ability to send just the selected text in a SOQL editor to Salesforce for execution
  • Introduced support for the use of a semicolon as a query terminator
  • Upgraded to API v45 (Spring ’19)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused a constraint violation when querying an Sobject where the ID field is not unique and the ID field was included in the Select statement
  • Fixed an issue introduced in the last build that prevented the context menu from being displayed in the results grid
  • Renaming an Org now gets properly reflected everywhere it is referenced
  • Fixed an issue with the display of an Org’s contents when refreshing it in the Organizations tool window

To learn more about the new features read our blog post about the release.

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