The DeveloperWorks

The DeveloperWorks is where we brainstorm, experiment and ultimately create great new tools for the developer. We're so exited about this that we want to share a sneak peek of some of this work with you. Since these are by definition works in progress, the final product may change significantly as we progress through the development cycle.

Current Activities

While we've been busy with longer term projects, we remain committed to keeping up with enhancement requests, bug fixes and Salesforce's API releases. One enhancement currently under consideration is the addition of support for the Tooling API. If this is a feature that you'd like to see, let us know.

If you haven't yet tried out SOQL Studio or Visual Database Explorer yet, or you tried an older release, we encourage you to go to the downloads page and start your 100% free 30-day trial now. And don't forget to use the product forums to give us feedback on what you like, what you need and what we can improve.

Longer Term

We've already started work on adding advanced SOQL editing features to SOQL Studio, like intellisense, syntax checking prior to execution, and error highlighting. This is a major undertaking that will take us a considerable amount of time to accomplish.

In the meantime, the Salesforce Winter '20 release is fast approaching. We'll add support for that as soon as most orgs have been upgraded. We'll also continue to make improvements, add features where there's customer demand, and fix bugs as they're reported. We'll keep you posted on progress on our blog.

Safe Harbor: This page discusses future plans and works in progress. Any final product may change significantly from what is stated on this page as we progress through the development cycle, or may not occur or get released at all. Always base purchase decisions on features and functionality currently available and not on the foward-looking statements made on this page.